Summer Heat = Sunny Beach

Consisting of numerous islands in Sibuyan Sea (with three “MAJOR MAJOR” islands – Romblon, Tablas & Sibuyan) this is indeed a haven of peace in the middle of the sea.

It’s said that this province was organized into politico-military district by the Spanish in 1853 and made a sub province of Capiz. Enough of history!!!

My 8 hrs of travel (by the sea) is a great revelation that it pays to wait!
Romblon = White Sand Beaches + Blue Sunny Sky + Budget Meals and Hotels (although our stay is free – thanks to a great local friend Rae) + Simple & Cool Locals

“What is not to like?!” Like what Prince Edward of Andalasia said!hahah..

A great seaside view of the Sibuyan Sea will accompany you to any other beaches in the island. The St. Joseph Cathedral is also a site to see with the

BellTower that you can explore and take greatphotos. I remember that was our first stop when we got to the island. Spanish influence can be seen along the avenues of Romblon – Houses, Religion, Bridges etc.

The language I say is mixed Visayan (which some words resembles the locale Cebuano – Masbate dialect)

Not to mention the artistry in making marble into works of ART!

Definitely a place to visit & a place for come back!!!